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Kids' Yoga

"... a great way to help children develop their physical skills, their concentration skills, their listening skills, learning to negotiate space, relaxing and of course developing that wonderful imagination that children have."
Bright Learners Montessori Nursery

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I have trained to teach yoga to children and have a special interest in sharing yoga with children of preschool and nursery age.

Kids Yoga sessions are a fantastic way to help children stretch and strengthen their bodies, stimulate their imaginations as well as helping them learn how to relax. They are loads of fun and they have a natural affinity for it. The children make yoga "shapes" as part of a story or adventure, which involves a combination of breathing, postures and relaxation. This not only strengthens them physically and mentally, but stimulates their imagination and enhances their cognitive skills. But most of all the children love it!

All the kids thoroughly enjoy the final relaxation, from which they benefit enormously, and performing the postures subtly prepares their bodies and minds for this important life skill.

The sessions help to build:

  • A strong, flexible & healthy body
  • Coordination, balance & body awareness
  • Focus & concentration
  • Confidence, self-esteem & independence
  • Calmness & emotional wellbeing
  • An ability to relax & sleep well.

Children's yoga classes are usually 30 minutes long (although this can be increased or decreased according to the age of the children and other client's needs) and are generally taught during preschool/nursery sessions, or as a lunch club activity. Sessions can be tailored to complement preschool themes, as required - click here to see testimonials.

Please Contact Me if you would like to discuss children's yoga further or if you would like to arrange a free trial session.


40 per group for a 30 minute session, maximum 20 children.