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Private One2One & Group Yoga

Private yoga sessions, either one2one or small group, are an excellent way to fit some yoga into your busy life, or if you prefer a non-class environment.

Private yoga is a great route to get started, to enhance your yoga practice, or to work with an injury or health issue, and is an extremely good basis for students of all levels and experience to practice yoga; traditionally yoga was always taught by one teacher directly to one student.

My private sessions are bespoke, delivering individualised guidance and attention. I will work with you to ensure that the focus, content and pace of your sessions are tailored solely to you and your requirements. They will be customised to fit your mood and energy level, allowing for a stronger, more rigorous ‘workout’ on your upbeat days, or with a more restorative focus, on the days when you need it most!!!

These sessions are ideal if you:

  • Are new or returning to yoga and would like to feel more confident before attending a larger class. Beginning and returning yoga students can sometimes feel hesitant and unsure of what to expect in a yoga class. Having a private session(s) beforehand can help to get you started with some basic yoga skills, giving you the confidence to comfortably join a yoga class.
  • Would like to deepen your yoga practice. Private yoga sessions can help you to take your yoga practice to the next ‘level’, refining your skills, increasing your confidence, developing a balanced practice and minimising injury. This could be in relation to yoga asana (postures) - refining alignment, increasing awareness, considering modifications, etc - or other aspects of a yoga practice, for example meditation and breathing practices.
  • Have a particular illness or injury and would like a yoga programme that helps you to manage your condition and/or suits your rehabilitation needs. Sometimes injuries and special health concerns make it hard for people to attend a regular yoga class; private yoga sessions help you to practice yoga, safely and appropriately, in a convenient place, to promote your self-healing.
  • Have difficulty finding a class to fit in with your lifestyle and schedule. Private yoga sessions can be arranged to work around your life obligations allowing you to practice your yoga, in your own time, pressure and hassle-free.
  • Are an athlete/sportsperson wanting to improve your performance and progress to the next level (click here for more information on my Sport Specific Yoga).
  • Would like to practice yoga during your pregnancy. Practising yoga during this time of nurturing, growth and change can help to keep your pregnancy stress free, and help you to feel comfortable and confident throughout. I offer pregnancy yoga as private sessions, tailored to your needs and in the comfort your own home (click here for more information on my Pregnancy Yoga).
  • Would like to practise with a small group of friends. Practising yoga in a group with friends is fun and helps spread the cost whilst you can still enjoy the many benefits that come from having private sessions.

I provide all necessary equipment for my private yoga sessions and they can be held in your own home, or another venue of your choice. You do not necessarily need to commit to private yoga sessions on, say a regular weekly basis; they can be as often as you wish, ie fortnightly, monthly, or as and when suits you; and I'm always available to deal with queries between sessions as and when they arise (click here to see Testimonials).

If you are interested in private one2one or group yoga, Contact Me and I will be more than happy to discuss your needs. Go on – treat yourself!!!!!


£50 for a 45 min session
£60 for a 60 min session
£75 for a 90 min session

Private Groups:
As above, up to a maximum of 3. For groups of more than 3 there is a charge of £5 per session for each extra student.

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