Achieve a greater level of physical,
mental and emotional well-being
And improve your health and fitness


Athletes and sports enthusiasts, regardless of their discipline, age and ability, can gain a real advantage from combining a Sport Specific Yoga practice with other training methods. Yoga links into the physical, mental and therapeutic aspects of an athlete's training regime, helping them to unlock untapped potential and maximise performance. It is the perfect cross training tool.

Practising Sport Specific Yoga will enhance structural fitness, help prevent and heal injuries, and bring balance to a training regime.

Sport Specific Yoga is suitable for individuals and teams who are keen to improve their performance and get ahead of the game, in all sports, and at all levels. It is perfect for fitness enthusiasts and sports people as well as elite athletes, and no previous experience of yoga is necessary.

How can practising yoga help to improve your performance?

  • As awareness of your breath grows, the efficiency of your breathing is boosted, your postural stability improves, and your aerobic capacity, stamina and endurance will increase.
  • As both your stability and mobility increase, and your muscles learn to activate and de-activate more effectively and efficiently as you move, you will become stronger and more powerful.
  • As you augment and fine-tune your balance, agility and dynamic control, and activate the lesser-used muscles that support the primary movers, improving your range of motion and strength through range, your movement efficiency will improve.
  • As you iron out imbalances, misalignments, poor body mechanics and lack of stability caused by repetitive sport-specific movements, your risk of injury will decrease.

You can address any or all of the following areas, depending on the demands of your sport, and your needs and aspirations:

  • Mobility, flexibility & agility
  • Balance & stability
  • Proprioception & body awareness
  • Efficient muscle activation
  • Strength & conditioning
  • Core strength & posture
  • Focus, concentration & mental clarity
  • Performance nerves
  • Stamina & endurance
  • Enhanced lung function
  • Fatigue elimination & faster recovery period
  • Injury prevention, repair & rehabilitation

Following an initial diagnostic session, a Sport Specific Yoga training plan is devised which uses techniques proven to enhance the body's ability to function. The plan is tailored to the sport and aims of the athlete(s) and is designed to be easily integrated into busy training and/or life schedules. A typical a Sport Specific Yoga programme would include general mobilisation of the joints, core awareness, balancing and dynamic techniques, followed by performance breathing and restorative practices. The plan can also take account of phases of the training cycle, eg whether in preparation, competition or post-season phase, to bring balance to the ongoing demands of the athlete’s training regime.

If you are a sportsperson or athlete and would like to enhance your performance and progress to the next level, do Contact Me - I will be more than happy to answer any questions and talk through your Sport Specific Yoga needs and requirements.

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