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My 'students' inspire me in so many different ways - I'm sure I learn much more from them than they do from me!
"Helen is an excellent yoga teacher. It is a real treat to be taught by someone who combines precision with caring. The classes are always well planned and there are always a variety of options to suit our needs on the day. I leave joyful and refreshed, fully in my body and at ease."
Vanessa, Mindfulness Instructor & Homeopath

"I really enjoy the Yoga2You classes. The class sizes are small and everyone is friendly. You are guided to practise yoga within your personal fitness limits and it really doesnąt matter what level you are at because Helen will guide you and encourage you to get the best out of your yoga session."
Sharon, Designer & Artist

"I was introduced to Helen's yoga class after my youngest child started school full time. I work 4 days a week and have three children under seven; I wanted to start an activity that I would enjoy and get me toned and fit. I have found the sessions a complete surprise, not only is the environment friendly and relaxed, but the feeling of total wellbeing is quite unbelievable. I am a beginner to yoga and found the lesson completely manageable and now feel confident to achieve more. Helen helps you to position yourself correctly and carefully if you are unsure, but no pressure to reach the optimum position is ever placed on you. Once leaving the session my batteries are completely recharged and I have a renewed energy to face the week ahead. I just wish I could attend another session a week."
Denise Mann

"I have enjoyed discovering yoga with Helen. She is warm and friendly and gently explains all the moves. It's a great way to exercise and de-stress at the same time!"
Gill Morrison

"Felt right from the first lesson onwards! Helen somehow manages to bring across her passion and enthusiasm whilst still creating a calm and concentrated atmosphere. Straight after my first session I felt my whole upper body had opened up and I could breathe in a different way: filling me with this wonderful relaxed and at-peace-with-myself-feeling. That I actually had worked physically, became apparent the next day! Can only recommend it!".
Marion Munz


"I have been attending Helen's Monday morning yoga class for 2 years now and have found her teaching both calming and invigorating. She is well prepared for the whole class and for individual students whenever appropriate. I enjoy the background music too and how she structures her lessons, giving adequate time for warm up, posture sequences and relaxation. The atmosphere in class is always supportive and positive. I have also had One2On2 sessions with Helen whereby she focuses totally on me as an individual. During the One2One sessions she has helped me to adjust my postures appropriately for my body, and, whether it was softening, strengthening or realignment, my sense of how they felt right for me was greatly improved. I'm definitely going to continue attending her Monday class as I feel I gain so much physically and mentally."
Agnes Spohn


"My husband and I have seen Helen every two weeks for one and half hours in the last 8 months for a private yoga class in our home. Nothing gets in the way of our yoga session with Helen! We very much look forward to stretching and de stressing with her. We feel not only physically better but also mentally. By having Helen on an individual basis we can tailor our lessons to how we feel and how we want to feel after the session. We find her method of teaching therapeutic and gentle, yet we feel she pushes us a little further than perhaps we would go in a larger class. We have attended many yoga classes over our lifetime and feel that Helen is one of the best we have come across."
Jill, Apr 2014
"I have thoroughly enjoyed the One2One sessions with Helen over the last few months which were tailored to meet my specific needs and moods. I feel these sessions allowed me to explore the benefits of yoga in the comfort and privacy of my own home. As a result I have become more aware, calm and confident, so much so that I have now joined a weekly class. Helen is a sensitive, knowledgeable and professional teacher who shows a genuine interest in others."
Jayne, 2017

One2One/Sport Specific Yoga

"I have done yoga with Helen for 2 years for wellbeing and relaxation and (as an athlete) to help strengthen my joints and muscles. Helen's yoga has helped not only as preparation for athletics events but also as rehabilitation when recovering from sports injuries and the results have been excellent. The 1:1 sessions I have had with Helen have always been taught in a professional, calm, friendly way and these sessions have been very specific to my individual needs at the time varying from power yoga sessions when at full fitness to gentle rehabilitation sessions as and when needed. Helen uses her excellent teaching skills and guidance to ensure yoga postures are formed in a way that does not put unnecessary strain on the body. I would highly recommend Helen to anyone wanting to join a yoga class or have individual sessions."
Lisa, Holistic Therapist & Athlete

Sport Specific Yoga/Yoga Sports Coaching

"I've been working with Helen for the last 3-4 months and, having started the Sports Yoga session as an athlete recovering from injuries which caused various imbalances, I have seen my stability and flexibility improve tenfold. I now find myself in the best physical condition I have ever been in and with Helen's detailed focus on all aspects of core strength and flexibility, I feel supple and strong, leaving me vastly better equipped to deal with the physical demands of my training schedule."
Jermaine, Elite Athlete (Long Jump), Nov 2013

"Speed Works is a high performance training system focused on the holistic development of elite athletes. Yoga2you has been successfully working with key Speed Works athletes, aiding in active recovery, body awareness, mobility and strength endurance. The lifestyle and training regime of an elite athlete can be full of many other ballistic components. There is active communication between Speed Works and Yoga2you in order to set goals, amalgamate philosophies and best integrate the two training programs into one seamless weekly schedule. We are enjoying the inclusion of Yoga2you within our team and look forward to seeing how it will benefit us during the competition season. Thank you!"
Jonas, Elite Coach, Nov 2013

"Being a Professional golfer, fitness is a big part of my regime especially in the winter months. Having been introduced to basic yoga at my gym a few years back, I was approached by Helen to see if I would be interested in some golf specific yoga. Knowing that there was a purpose to these sessions based on my profession I became interested and wanted to pursue. After an initial consultation and discussion myself and Helen had a clear view on what needed addressing to improve the effectiveness of my golf swing. A persistent rotation problem in my right shoulder has limited the way in which I can swing the club in a consistent manner. Video evidence was taken at the start of the process and now 10 weeks on I am very impressed with the techniques we have worked with and which have had a positive impact on my swing performance. In particular the seated shoulder sequence and elbow dog I have found the most beneficial to me as I can really focus my breath awareness into the certain areas whilst performing such movements. Helen puts everything across so simply and is very sympathetic when points need re addressing as focusing the breathing into areas of the body can be task at times.
With the effect it has had on my performance and optimistic view as to on how golf specific yoga has helped me, I have recommended that Helen helps the ladies section at my golf club (Brookmans Park), and in fact all golfers, in the same way.
Laurence, Professional Golfer

"Helen devised a restorative and relaxing yoga practice to complement my triathlon training programme. The sequence enabled me to focus on relaxation and conditioning which were key components in optimising my training plan, performance on race day and assisting post-race recovery. The routine was very easy to follow and I could do it at home or at the gym. In the lead up to the event, I found myself less stressed and in better physical condition than previously. During the race I was calm, ready, and able to focus. The benefits were also felt afterwards as I did not get the usual aches and pains, despite the rigours of a challenging mid-distance triathlon. This was a big improvement on past experiences as I was able to start exercising again straight away."
Brigit, Crystal Palace Triathletes

Kids' Yoga

"All the Teachers and children from Bright Learners Montessori School would like to say a very big 'Thank You' to Helen, for giving us all a wonderful way to end the school week. All of the class cannot wait for Friday, as this is yoga day. Helen is respected and loved by all the children; she has a wonderful way with them, and has enchanted them with her stories and yoga movements. We have a lot of feedback from our parents telling us that their children have been teaching them new movements each week, and re-telling the stories that they have learnt with great excitement and a few changes of course. If any schools are considering adding yoga to their curriculum I personally would not think twice, as it is a great way to help children develop their physical skills, their concentration skills, their listening skills, learning to negotiate space, relaxing and of course developing that wonderful imagination that children have. Helen, again, thank you very much for providing us each week with a different adventure."
Hatice Djelal, Manager, Bright Learners Montessori School

"Helen came to St John's Nursery Playgroup to teach yoga to a small group of up to 15 children. Despite not being quite sure what we (the staff and children) were going to be doing, Helen was very good at explaining it all to us. The children LOVED it. Staff were all impressed with the way Helen was able to communicate quietly with the children, working through a story, using various postures. The children learnt to control simple body movements through the stories, standing like a cow, looking in the corner for the owl and so on. Great for imagination. The best bit was seeing all the children (3-5 year olds), relaxing quietly, lying on the mats, lavender bags on eyes (or in hands), just "sleeeeeping" to peaceful music. We all need to learn how to do that, and if we can teach a few children to relax and switch off for a little, maybe we will have less stressful adults later. We look forward to another term - I wonder what the story will be next time....."
Celia Mills, Manager, St John's Nursery Playgroup

"Helen's pre-school yoga sessions combine fun, physical and creative development. The children enjoy the imaginative journeys they are taken on. Children and staff enjoy the relaxation at the end; it brings a calming atmosphere to the busy pre school."
Lorraine, Manager, Four Corners Pre School