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Why Me?

I am a qualified Yoga Sports Coach, having studied with Yoga Sports Science ( who are pioneers in the field of Sport Specific Yoga and are the only organisation in the world to train and accredit Yoga Sports Coaches.

I have experience of working with athletes and sports enthusiasts in various disciplines, at varying levels, and with very different performance aims, all of whom have reported performance gains having incorporated Sport Specific Yoga into their training programme.

Since 2013 I have been working with athletes who are coached and trained by Speed Works (, 'the most talented up-and-coming sprints group in the country'. The Speed Works group is made up of elite Sprinters and Long Jumpers and, in particular, I work regularly with a paralympian who is hopeful of competing for Great Britain in the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games! Speed Works has a holistic attitude towards the development of their elite sports people, and it is really exciting to be involved in this revolutionary approach to athlete development.

  • Aiding rehabilitation and recovery from injury
  • Correcting body imbalances
  • Increased efficiency of movement
  • Improved focus and concentration
  • And, of course, Strength and flexibility

I have also worked with clients in the following sports, all of whom found that my Sport Specific Yoga routines helped to improve their performance:

  • Running - to increase endurance/stamina, strengthen feet/ankles following injury and for injury prevention. (Testimonial)
  • Skiing - to strengthen/stabilise knees following a skiing accident and increase confidence.
  • Triathlon - to perform to the highest level of performance on race day, incorporating a soft, restorative yoga practice allowing the body and mind to restore, relax and replenish after strenuous training activities, particularly during the taper period heading towards race day itself. (Testimonial)
  • Golf - to address a swing flaw arising from lack of shoulder mobility. (Testimonial)

See me working with one of my athletes

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