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Blocks Are For Wimps
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Foot Facts
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Balancing Tips
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Yin Yoga Info

What is Yin Yoga?
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Yin Yoga - 9 reasons to practice Yoga

Yin yoga: be part of the yin crowd

Health Benefits

Yoga Can Cut Heart Disease Risk - The Daily Telegraph
Yoga just as good as aerobics for cutting heart disease risk

Yoga Benefits Back Pain

Yoga Can Ease Menopause Symptoms

Video - The scientific power of meditation
The scientific power of meditation

Yoga is great for children and adults - it could save the NHS a fortune ..., The Guardian

Yoga & Sport

About Sport Specific Yoga
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How Sport-Specific Yoga can Benefit Athletes
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Restorative Yoga for Athletes
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Sport-Specific Yoga for Golfers
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How Yoga Can Help Your Running

Is Yoga The Secret To Improving Your Running & Preventing Injury article

Why Yoga & Football?

Kids Yoga

Yoga Help for Children's Asthma, The Daily Mail

Corporate/workplace Yoga

The Mind Business, The Financial Times