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Links to some interesting websites
Yoga Sports Science are pioneers in the field of Sport Specific Yoga. If you are an athlete or actively participate in any sport and would like to maximise your performance, you will find this really interesting ...
The British Wheel of Yoga - governing body for yoga in the UK.
Yoga Alliance - international professional yoga teachers' organisation providing teacher certification and support.

Speed Works
The brainchild of super coach Jonas Dodoo, Speed Works coach and train 'the most talented up-and-coming sprints group in the country' and has an holistic approach towards the development of their elite athletes.
Provide information and invaluable support to people living with cancer, as well as to their carers, their families and their friends.

Eat Cake & Meditate
My truly wonderful and inspirational yoga teacher Denise, who knows what I need way before I do!
Nicola, who runs Yogabliss, with beautiful yoga things to buy - go on, treat yourself ...

Sharon Gale
A truly capable and brilliant designer. Sharon can design anything from handbags to clothing to business stationery!!
Ben who helps with anything IT related - for knowledgeable, friendly and honest advice, support with software and hardware, and website design.

Damon Gray - he takes a fantastic photo! Call him on 07960 884678